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Expat Clinical Health Coaching


There’s no place quite like the NHS – especially when you need medical help.

Living abroad with one or more long term health condition can be frightening and can add major stress to your life. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

My Clinical Coach gives you just that. A phone based clinical service staffed by experienced nurses in the UK. Initially designed to complement the NHS, we can help people anywhere in the world.

Speak over the phone to your friendly clinical health coach who is a qualified NHS trained nurse. They will take the time to really find out about your conditions, what it means to you. Then work with you on finding practical ways to achieve the improvements you want.

Our clinical health coaches have helped thousands of people make big improvements to their lives. That’s why doctors, patient organisations and, most importantly, the people we help trust us.

Coping with one or more long-term illness is hard enough. Without the right support, it is much harder. We know that and are here to help you.

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