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About us

At My Clinical Coach, we understand that ongoing health problems can be frustrating, upsetting and often, quite frightening. Getting a new diagnosis, a change in an existing condition or getting new medication requires time and understanding. We know that sometimes it can feel as though you are not in control of your own health.

We also think that although the NHS provides a great service, sometimes it feels like you don’t always see the same person and don’t have the opportunities to ask to all those little questions, that actually make a big difference to your life.

And at My Clinical Coach, we know that our behaviour and life-style strongly influences our health. Smoking, drinking too much, eating the wrong foods, not getting enough exercise - they can all contribute to making us unwell. Although we all understand that they’re not great, it’s really tough to make those changes, especially on your own.

At My Clinical Coach, we want to help you feel more motivated, confident and in control of managing your own health so you can make changes that help you feel better. We specialise in helping people with long term conditions and have trained nurses just for you, that you can speak to whenever you like, about whatever help you need. You, or your family, can choose to subscribe to the service, which is tailored personally to each patient. All this from less than £1 per day.

My Clinical Coach is part of Totally Health, who also provide the same valuable coaching services to NHS patients in certain areas of the UK. Totally Health aims to be the champion of health literacy for patients; providing an expert friend so that people can become their own health experts.

NHS England

Totally Health has been providing Health Coaching services to the NHS and other large organisations since 2012. We work with organisations such as NHS England, British Lung Foundation, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) and NHS Community and Acute Trusts.

Since our Health Coaching services launched, we have delivered over 35,000 coaching sessions with the following results:

  • 100% of patients felt more confident about being able to manage their condition
  • 96% of patients felt motivated to make behavior changes eg. quit smoking, get more exercise
  • 72% average reduction in unplanned admissions to hospital
  • 72% average reduction in out-of-hours appointments
  • 59% average reduction in GP appointments

Totally Health is also the provider of Shared Decision Making: Patient Decision Aids for NHS England - these are specially designed information resources that help people make decisions about difficult healthcare options.

My Clinical Coach and Totally Health are owned by Totally Plc, an AIM listed company that specialises in healthcare and out-of-hospital services.

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