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Improve your health today by simple behaviour changes

Take back control of your own health with your nurse, to help you understand and manage your long term condition, so that you can enjoy life again.

What is Health Coaching?

Telephone Health Coaching with your own expert nurse. Personal emotional support and practical advice tailored to your health.

Who we work with

We work with some of the UK’s leading charities and healthcare providers

What our patients say

"I would definitely recommend Heath Coaching to anyone who needs some support to understand their condition and manage it within their normal daily life."
Simon, Type 1 Diabetes patient

This week's blog

Helping or caring for an older adult with diabetes can feel like a lot to take on.

Find our top tips and advice on how can you be a good caregiver and feel good about it. Read more

My Clinical Coach provides personal telephone health coaching with expert NHS-trained nurses. The service is designed for people with or at risk of one or more (combination of conditions) long term medical conditions, such as diabetes, COPD or heart disease, to help you feel in control of your condition and better able to manage it.

With our help you will:

  • Feel better and more confident about your health
  • Get practical advice and emotional support tailored to you and your condition
  • Lead a more active and fuller life
  • Require fewer GP appointments and less time in the NHS

Get 7 useful tips for living with your condition

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